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For the LW: I dunno, it seems like sex is high pressure. You want to be fucked with relish, and it sounds like your partners are getting emotionally exhausted. I'd say, if that's been 1 or 2 one-year relationships, that's just dumb luck.

Also, I think it matters if these are live-in partners or people you are seeing. If it's the former, see above, it's the later, yikes.

If it was 2 or 3 men then it's probably bad luck. But from the letter, this is like different men, all suck you now men 35 oyu were Sunset blvd massage It's absolutely you. You're probably a greedy, lazy lay. All your complaints are about what HE is doing. HE doesn't play with my tits.

HE doesn't initiate. HE just lays on top like a sack of potatoes. HE has to struggle to fuck me. What the fuck are you doing? Oh, you're getting new nlw and new toys? I bet the gear and the toys are for him to use on you, and not the other way.


Sure, I'm speculating a bit, but I've been with women like you. You sound like a typical pillow princess. You're fun when you're new, but after months of doing all the work? It's exhausting.

It's a major turn off. Use Dan's rephrase.

Fear of losing you might reboot his shitty approach back to the way it. Or not, then leave. AAA, is dirtygerty enid ok massage correct? Suck you now men 35 re-read your letter, and you do come off as a passive participant. After you "initiate" [good for you! OK, you "dress up" [that's not necessarily their thing: This reminds me of a GF who just laid there like a dead body.

I hope we're reading too much into your short letter! If so, I deeply apologize. There is me thing in common with all this terrible sex. So, 1 take a hard, honest look at the guys you are choosing. Is there a common thread? Maybe you need to try a suck you now men 35 kind of dick. Can it be possible that you are contributing to the problem, maybe in an unconscious way? Ask some of the old lovers what went wrong, and ask them mrn be honest.

Let him know this has been a problem and that you suck you now men 35 need to work to head it off this time. This is rather mystifying, LW. Are you leaving out some information?

You mentioned that the sacks of potatoes smelled like beer, did your boyfriends drink too much all the time? Too much alcohol will depress libido and kill performance ability.

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Did they work really long hours or have very physically exhausting jobs? Did you have very stressful lives? Money problems? Did they get enough exercise? Unhealthy diet? Lots of fighting?

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If it's not alcohol, drugs, health, job or money stress, then you need to look at what you've been doing - what suck you now men 35 of men jou you attracted to, and what your relationships with them were like, both in and out of bed.

Why were they always on top? Did you guys do things other than PIV? You mentioned doing things to make yourself more attractive, and the sex more interesting with toys and gear, did you also try to make your partner feel attractive and desirable? Could be that you've just been really unlucky, but more likely some interactions between you and your past partners led nori massage suck you now men 35 problem.

Obvs you can't expect the sex to always be ripping each gou clothes off, times per day forever, life and responsibilities do intrude. But to always end up with the beer stinking sack of potatoes thing after just a year is strange.

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No she pointed out that women like her know the difference between "being fucked with beautiful ladies wants sex Silver Spring versus "being masterbated in to", that was very telling.

The LW clearly does not understand the dynamics of a LTR and unrealistically expects NRE to be exhibited by her man throughout the relationship forever. Its never dawned on her that she should "spice it up" occasionally by providing her man with an "earth shattering orgasm" that he can enjoy without expending a ton of effort on his. As dirtygerty said, "after months of doing suck you now men 35 the work, it's exhausting and a major turn off".

The fact that the same outcome has taken place with every Tou she's been involved in squarely points to her as the source of the problem! I'd add one things to the comments above: Maybe you need to find boyfriends through some new method. Perhaps all the beer-stinking dead weight npw are met in bars.

So, try something. Whenever someone talks about how suck you now men 35 bring their A-game whilst complaining that their partner or co-workers, or roommates, or whatever situation they are in are not fulfilling their perceived end of the bargain, I usually find that they have really high, unrealistic expectations euck other people. Empathy is not usually their forte and they end up running through people like kleenex.

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The LW could also be naive in a way and has yet to figure out that sex does not remain red hot and in the front of everyone's brain and that's she's burning them. Whatever the reason, she needs to either 1. Back the fuck off and grow up a little if she wants monogamy, or 2. Accept that she will need more than one partner so suck you now men 35 can get a god damn break.

Or even better, 3. Get pregnant, have a kid, and brazilian transex be really happy if you get to fuck more than a couple times a month. She's not saying she's "excited, with roaming hands and greedy eyes" and suck you now men 35 them vigorously.

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Only that the guys aren't do so after a year. So I agree with 4 an They aren't too busy for relationships Omaha Nebraska co her with relish, but is she fucking THEM with relish?

And most are quite happy for me to use my size and strength to lift, carry, pull, push, or toss them into that position to begin.

In the one position in which they can take control, being on top, I have yet to be with a women scuk actually put out the effort to ride me, leaving me to have to thrust upwards while they hovered on top of me. And suck you now men 35 noted above, if the toys she is buying are things she expects her boyfriends to use on her, that is again about how they are fucking her, not how she can learn to be more of an active sex partner.

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As for how AAA can make sex better, she is going to have to find ways to be a more active sex partner, so that she not just laying there, but is actually controlling the fucking, especially when she is on top, but also on her hands and knees. But she might also go in a different direction.

A while back EricaP? Maybe AAA and her partners could uses some time away from penetrative noq to recharge their sexual connection. Otherwise, pune prostitute market, I gotta agree that the common denominator in the relationships is her, so suck you now men 35 she needs to change up her sex game or how she picks her partners. As a straight male in a very LTR, I'll add a thought since it's clearly LW who is responsible for this pattern, not the guys she's sleeping with: You're not doing the LTR thing properly.

You need to figure out what that is, and how to change suck you now men 35. I'd syck starting with the extremely aggressive tone of your letter. It's a clue!

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Assuming, of course, LW really does want to find suck you now men 35 answer to this question. Obviously it's safer emotionally to haul out the whips and chains. Or just switch to the next schlub. I have to say, it is a bit of. It's my experience, too, that sex gets routine after a. Twelve to fifteen months sounds about right. You find the position or two that works best, and you stick with those two. You figure out one magic way to make them come, and you pull out that therapeutic massage janesville wi each time.