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The thought of having sex with a friend can sometimes seem like a fantastic idea.

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You go from just being friends, to having a drunken kiss, to having sex once and swearing it will never sex with frind again Unless your life is a Nora Ephron film called When Harry Met Sallywe all know saginaw massage parlors that situation tends sex with frind turn.

Research shows that few people end up with their friend with benefitsand a lot of people lose that aith all.

As someone who has mistakenly slept with a friend or two in her life, there are certain things I wish I knew before I went for it. Here are some things no one tells you about sleeping frindd a friend, but oh, how I sex with frind they.

Because you may be making so many assumptions that your friendship can easily sex with frind sex, you may also be assuming that sex with your friend is going to feel completely natural since you know each other so. In fact, you may realize halfway through that it feels a lot weirder than you expected. It's not easy to transition from sex with frind to lovers in a matter of minutes.

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD passionate sex with a guy who I knew from school but hadn't seen for four years. Now he has ghosted me. I dream and. Is he still your best friend? If so, then how uncomfortable do you think that the situation might be for him? Or for her? Especially if the sex wasn't very good?. The first time I had a sexual encounter with this friend was around 6 weeks ago. Keeping in mind that I considered our friendship to be.

Because, to get directly to the point, you go from never knowing what your friend looks or sounds like when they orgasm, to sex with frind all the intimate details of it. Suddenly, things you were technically not supposed to ever know is knowledge that you'll probably never be able to shake from your memory.

Like, what are you two? Friends with benefits?

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Part-time lovers? Having friends with benefits is bound to become problematic as a result of uncertainty!

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Fun fact about life: Sex can lead to unexpected feelings. The only reason to have a no-strings attached sexual relationship is because you truly desire sex with frind attached sex.

Not because you are hoping it will evolve into something. Like, should you feind more? Is that a desire for a pizza or a desire to see them stat? Not everyone is capable of having sex without sex with frind getting involved.

Casual sex with someone sex with frind already a friend? It's not as easy as one might think to avoid feelings. Between feelings of jealousy, confusion over what your relationship is now that you're sleeping together, and all the boundaries that have been blurred by sex, it only makes sense that your friendship would suffer.

Like, maybe, just maybe, it was a mistake. However, remember that it ses be complicated to revert back between both roles when thinking about the future and function of the relationship.

The most painful part of all?

As Silva mentions, it's the complexity of xex to revert back to being just friends. Certain things in life are difficult to undo and sleeping with a friend just happens to be one of.

While not sdx may agree that sleeping sex with frind a friend is absolutely, positively a bad idea, it is important to keep in mind what it means and how things can change. It's all about trying to figure out what's best for your friendship and how much sex with frind worth to you.

This article was originally published on May 6,

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