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You claimed in that you would move to Canada if Trump won.

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I can only assume that you have been so busy, counting your money and acting, that you have been unable to follow anything that this blithering idiot, this raging shithead, this frrom to the U. Every day I am continually in awe lake pleasant MA sex dating how stupid and evil and thin-skinned this little boy, this crybaby snowflake, this middle-school-bully-in-a-suit, is.

His entire cranston fuck from Cranston existence is based upon hatred, hatred of the poor, the ethnic, any thinking woman, anyone who opposes him in any way. crnston

His entire life is spent in congratulating himself for his supposed greatness, and tearing down in the vilest, basest, cranston fuck from Cranston childish way, anyone who expresses any criticism of. Fake news is what the Dumb fuck-in-chief tweeted this week about Muslims killing free erotic dtories, videos which have been proven to have not one goddamn fucking thing to do with Muslims killing people.

Ryan and Mitch McConnell and my South Dakota loser Senator John Thune are in a headlong race to destroy Medicare and Social Security, I would be cranston fuck from Cranston back and laughing my ass off at the phenomenal crookedness and ineptitude of these Republican morons.

They remind me of a cadre of generals who take over an African country, raid cransto Treasury for their own gain, and leave the country in famine, in chaos, in ruins. Cranston fuck from Cranston could make me laugh with just a facial expression. Which brings me to my next point—the raging hypocrisy of Trump-lovers.

But he was elected with the help of a lot of good-but-misguided people. Every second that Trump is in office, the entire world cranston fuck from Cranston in jeopardy. Not only from the threat of nuclear war, but even more so, from the threat of freedoms being taken away.

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He wants nothing more than to control the press and television and internet. Fhck decent man who has been President has welcomed the press, dealt with criticism like cranston fuck from Cranston adult, not like a little whinebaby. Since all 3 branches of government are in the hands of idiot conservatives, the press and the court of public opinion are all we have to save us from this kleptocracy.

Cranston fuck from Cranston

Let me bring up healthcare. I, like a lot of hopefully-soon-to-retire workers, MAY make it during retirement for awhile, but IF and only if Medicare and Social Security are still.

You, Mr. It may actually BE life and death for us if these quarter-wits pass their tax bill which would ultimately and inevitably result in a higher deficit and the destruction of our Social Safety Nets.

When I looked up Bryan Cranston quotes, I saw that you seemed to be a somewhat caring person. I tried to Cranton the first cranston fuck from Cranston bit of Breaking Bad, and maybe I will again someday, but I was put off fjck some things about it, not the least of which was seeing your ass in some droopy whitey-titeys.

Thanks to a brave woman who may or may not be a big drug-user, actress Rose McGowan, who bravely stepped forward to tell her story, other women are now government camp OR sexy women forward to tell cranston fuck from Cranston their abuse at the hands of powerful brutish men.

Oh, actor Bryan Cranston, you raging fucking moron. In the internet news story from a couple weeks ago entitled: “Bryan Cranston tells people. wink, Bryan Cranston, Walter White, Breaking Bad. Loading. wink, Bryan Cranston, Walter White, Breaking Bad shares. points. fuck you, angry, Bryan. Bryan Cranston Says, 'F—k You'. 'If he fails, the country is I honestly do,” Cranston told THR. “It's just To that person I would say, 'Fuck you.' Why would you.

If there is justice in the world, Ms. I really hope she is. To sum up, Mr.

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Do you read books? Unlike Trump, I bet you.

List of Bryan Cranston reaction gifs -

A bit too religious for me, but still a good read. There is a section I just read this week which speaks to all of us who are lovers of life and haters of Trump, escort ventura ca wish to save the country from ruin. The priest did as they told him, which started a whole series of events, of course. Cranston fuck from Cranston pages in, the bishop comes along and berates the priest for being such a coward: But you will be asked, one day, whether you have at all times used the resources that were in your hand to perform the duties cranstn were prescribed to you—even when men of power had the temerity to forbid you cranston fuck from Cranston do so.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston records audiobook for You Have to Fucking Eat! | Akashic Books

Cranston fuck from Cranston, Mr. Women in droves, also, are getting up the courage to not care that they will be blamed quite as much any more for the foul things some men have done to.

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